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So, I know that there are people on my friends list who are network techs, work at ISPs, etc. Here's a question.

Is there any way I can get 300k/s downstream without paying more than $500/mo?

See, I'm moving into a house with a bunch of techs. Seven people total. 150k/s downstream - the best that ADSL seems to offer - just plain isn't enough. I mean, it's good, yeah, and worst-case that's what we'll get. But it's Not Enough. That particular area is also very densely technological, with doubtless a lot of people with cable modems, so the bandwidth on that would suck also.

See, what would be ideal is some sort of ADSL shotgun. We'd cheerfully pay for two ADSL lines if it meant we could get that sort of bandwidth. Only without ISP-side support that leads into an entire routing nightmare, and it Just Plain Wouldn't Work.

So. Any ideas?
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