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Well, I'm playing around with Fallout Tactics - for anyone who doesn't know (and you all should!) the Fallout series is, basically, the best computer-style RPG around. And they don't pull punches either. I'd like to see Square make a game where you can make money by becoming a prostitute. Or by making porn vids. (The amount of money you make is determined by your charisma - except when your charisma gets really high, in which case your agility starts being factored in as well. I'm not making this up.)

So anyway. I tend to play as a female character, for, well, I could probably invent a half-dozen reasons, but I don't really know why, I just do. I've just freed a bunch of tribals from a raider band, and one of the random speech things one of them says as I'm walking around looking for loot is "Hey, you're pretty cute".

Well, I'm used to this. I *am* playing a female character, after all, and some NPCs just want to get into my pants.

Then I realize that the NPC that said this is female.

Hee hee. Yeah, Fallout puts these sorts of little surprises in all over the place. Admittedly, just the fact that I notice this (and have to write an LJ entry about it) shows that homosexuality - even for me - does not occupy the same space as heterosexuality. But still, it's funny.

Now, if I only knew whether it was intentional or a mistake.

(and my charisma's only five! sheesh. maybe it's the fact that I've got body armor on and are carrying an Uzi.)
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