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Reading through a forum on http://www.arstechnica.com and ran into the following snippet of conversation . . .

Yet the question remains: does the world need another open source Office suite? Productive would raise the total to at least four (including OpenOffice, KOffice, and Gnome Office--I'm sure there's more).

Yes, we do need another one. Until we have an open-source program that can do everything that Bill's stuff can do, we need more.

No flames, please. Just my cranky irresponsible opinion.


BUT this is a case of too many kitchens... forget about too many cooks. Why have 5 "almost as good as M$ office" projects when they should really be aiming now for one "as good, if not better"? 5 dogs with 3 legs each can't catch the dog with all 4, see?

Now is the time when someone marches in to let the world know that StarOffice kicks the shit out of M$ Office. Uh huh, sure.


Five three-legged dogs is better than four three-legged dogs. If they're smart, they'll learn to work together...

...and eventually merge to become a fifteen-legged canine demigod?

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