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whee! funny music.

Last night . . .
Jesus called me! (on the phone.)
I was surprised.
This morning . . .
He called . . . again!
And he said:
Why don't we do some boogie-voogie.
(at this point it degenerates into singing about boogie-voogie in an astonishingly dense accent so I can't understand it, but is basically saying "let's do some boogie-voogie (cha cha cha)" and variations.)

Interesting thing of the day: The Red Elvises are playing live in Seattle in a month :) Not like I'm likely to be there since it's in a tavern and all. But, hey. Guess they're west-coast, judging by this. Someday when I'm old enough to get in to a bar I'll have to go to a live show :D

And the man on the right has a very big guitar.
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