Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
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cathexis08: I've come to the conclusion that galith isn't human
ZorbaTHut: *blinks*
ZorbaTHut: oh?
cathexis08: yeah
cathexis08: check his reply to your journal entry
cathexis08: (the first half of his reply)
cathexis08: the entry about cookies
ZorbaTHut: wow. that's disturbing.
cathexis08: yeah
ZorbaTHut: you're right, he can't be human.
cathexis08: not human I tell you
cathexis08: I mean, I can see not liking the mint ones if you don't like mint
cathexis08: I don't like the orange ones particularly much
cathexis08: but not knowing what they are? thats just insane
cathexis08: not from this earth
ZorbaTHut: agreed
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