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Okay, so here's the deal.

We're probably getting the house. We're also probably redoing the electrical system. Doing so is going to be expensive. We have seven people who are planning to move in reasonably soon, and considering that they'll all be taking advantage of the electrical system, I think they should all chip in :P Yes, I realize you won't be living there for a while - and if you can't spare the money immediately, I can probably make loans to one or two people as long as I'll get paid back.

We don't have any good solution for Internet. I'm thinking we get a pair of 1.5mbit DSL lines and use a Linux box for sharing. We won't be able to set up servers through the entire bandwidth - we might be able to set it up so that we can route connections from one of the two IPs through to a computer, and they'll get half the bandwidth for their server. It'll work - it's not ideal, but it'll work. And we'll do load balancing for the rest of it, which should work pretty well.

Speakeasy says they have some engineers talking about shotgun, and I suppose having two 1.5mbit DSL lines will make it easy to set up. It won't happen for a few months though.

So. Any objections? Can someone contact Chris and Lael and either tell them this or point them at this page? We don't yet have an estimate for the electrical system, hopefully by midweek.
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