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note: friends-only, for hopefully obvious reasons

[23:57:45] Davd Gbrg: Hi, (as posted) I was hoping I would finally get to meet you in person tonight
[23:59:04] ZorbaTHut: heh. I wasn't there ^^;;
[23:59:08] ZorbaTHut: well, um . . . next time?
[23:59:28] Davd Gbrg: yeah, You'd better. or else....something.
[00:00:40] ZorbaTHut: *grins*
[00:05:21] Davd Gbrg: By the way, the Meetup affected my whole schedule and I left school earlier then usual, and Naomi noticed and asked why, so I told her my plans including "a meetup for a site I'm a member of" and she asked which, and it turns out she has a private livejournal. I assume she is going to read my userinfo/friends page and see your username listed.
[00:07:22] ZorbaTHut: *snicker*
[00:07:25] ZorbaTHut: the plot thickens.
[00:07:34] Davd Gbrg: It does indeed
[00:07:46] ZorbaTHut: maybe I should start making entries about how much I love my new girlfriend and how I'm glad I didn't end up saddled with "that horrible witch" or something along those lines. ;)
[00:07:58] Davd Gbrg: lol. I wouldn't
[00:08:34] ZorbaTHut: nah. I'm not going to. I always said I'd like to be friends with her. *shrugs*
[00:08:42] ZorbaTHut: I'd bet it's private partially because of me, though. :P
[00:09:57] Davd Gbrg: Actually, now that I have gotten to know her a little, I understand why you were So depressed when she left you.
[00:10:20] ZorbaTHut: *shrugs* she's a pretty spectacular person. or was. she just has some problems.
[00:10:27] Davd Gbrg: yup
[00:14:08] Davd Gbrg: Anyway, Would you prefer that I don't encourage her to attend an LJ-Meetup?
[00:14:28] ZorbaTHut: *dissolves into helpless laughter*
[00:14:38] ZorbaTHut: I was *going* to say "nah, go right ahead - I can handle her, I just don't know if she can handle me"
[00:14:42] ZorbaTHut: then I realized the really really funny part
[00:14:47] ZorbaTHut: next LJ meetup, my GF's gonna be in town. ;)
[00:14:54] ZorbaTHut: so go for it, knock yourself out. ^^
[00:15:00] Davd Gbrg: heheh

(Edit, 09/11/2006: Made public. Man, I'm glad I didn't end up saddled with that horrible witch. No, the other one.)
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