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So here's the deal.

Rewiring the electrical system will be about $3000. Replacing the breaker box will be another $2500, but it can be done later if we decide it's necessary. The electricians say the breaker box we have right now ought to be fine, but as I said, if it isn't, we can replace it and it'll cost more. I don't know how much Ron will pay for, but it'll be at least as much as the rest of us are. Split eight ways, that's $375 each. Plus the house damage deposit, which as I remember was about $1200, and that's $475 each flat off (or so - remember these are both estimates, and it'll be less if Ron covers more.)

I'm assuming that everyone who *will* be living in the house will help cover the startup costs, so to speak, whereas the monthly rent and utilities will be split up among the people *currently* living in the house. I realize that two of you might be in college and not have money right now, and that's OK, I'll just make you pay your share once you move in ;) (possibly spread among more than one month if you're having financial issues, and no interest or anything 'cause I'm not mean like that, of course.)

As for money stuff, I'd suggest a policy that in order to move in, you either need a job, a relatively large bank account, or someone who will lend you the money until you *get* a job, just because I don't want anyone bumming off everyone who *does* live there. :P

I'm also not sure how long this replacement is going to take, but I'll call and ask once I have a go-ahead or otherwise.

Internet-wise, Speakeasy's considering offering shotgun DSL, but it won't be for another few months. I'm thinking we should just go ahead and get a pair of 1.5mbps lines (about $200/mo total, split, eventually, among seven people, remember) and set up a load balancer Linux box. No, we won't have full unfirewalled access to the 'net - if you want incoming ports, you'll have to reconfigure it. I figure we can set up an easy Web interface and some scripting to make it trivial to do so if you really want. Or if you'd rather have less bandwidth but full access, you could connect your computer directly to one of the 1.5mbps modems, but I don't think it's worth it.

I'm not sure how much other utilities will be, but it shouldn't be *too* much, especially split among seven people. If we feel one person is using more than their fair share of something, we'll work it out once we're here.

We'll probably want a second fridge pretty soon too, but as I said, we'll handle that when we get to it :P

So just to make things completely clear, I'm looking at the following people to tell me yay or nay:

zorbathut, hawkswift, m00t, <lj nonuser=chris>, kareal, shrike30, cathexis. I want to call *tomorrow*, so if you see any of these people online and they haven't posted yet, BUG THEM :P
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