Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

HOUSE STUFF - read now!

First off, we're paying $2000 for the electrical system. Yes, that's all. We'll get one grounded outlet in every room, plus the outlets that are already there, plus an extra outlet in the dining and living rooms. If we need more power for the entire house, we can upgrade the service contract later for $2500, if we need a new breaker box, Ron will pay a third of it (he's paying a bit over a third of it for the overall rewiring).

Rent is $2000/mo flat, and we've got an $800 deposit and an extra $2000 because we're doing the first month/last month dealie.

Calculating it all out, it's $4800 to start living, *and* $2000/mo from the very beginning. I think the $4800 gets split among everyone, and the $2000/mo gets split among who's living there. I can loan *some* to people who aren't moving in immediately. Since we've got 7 people total and 5 who are moving in immediately, that comes out to $685.71 for all seven of us, plus $400/mo for the ones who are moving in right now.

I'm going to go sign the lease and get the keys on *thursday*. You're welcome to come along if you want if you want to start paying me off :P I'll be at the Capitol Hill Group Health Credit Union (115 15th Ave E) at 1pm. I'll be getting keys at that time.

Speaking of which, the electrical work should be done by Monday. Yes, this Monday. Yes, under a week. We should be able to start moving things in over the weekend also. I plan to be living there on Monday since my mom needs a room free at home on Wednesday :P We won't have broadband, we will have dialup, it will take a week or two to get broadband, you're still paying rent if you're one of the five who's moving in immediately, because there's no way I'm covering all of you just because you're too pansy to deal with single-digit transfer rates :P

I think that's all.

If anyone objects to owing me $685.71, speak *now*, gottit?
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