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topic sez it all, I guess.

Just wish . . . feh. Dunno what I wish.

Wish it hadn't turned out that way. Wish . . . gah, dunno how to say this at all. Wish she hadn't done what she did, except not in the sense you're thinking.

Just . . . wish the world didn't work the way the world seems to work. Wish I had someone to curl up with for a few days and just talk quietly about nothing-and-everything. Wish finals were over and I could forget about it all for a while.

(Wish I had someone.)

random thought - symmetry. I remember my mom was talking about how one of her friends took one of those "What Are You Looking For In A Relationship?" quizzes and basically wrote what came down to what *he* wanted out of it. Whereas I did one of those about the same time, and, like, *every* statement was reciprocated exactly in reverse - like, "I wish I had someone who loved me completely AND who I loved completely" etc etc etc, for EVERY statement.

So when I write something like that, like "wish I had someone", I always stop to think, is it that one-way?

And of course it isn't. I wish someone had me. If that makes sense.

And I suppose, in a way, I do have people, and some people do have me, but . . . not quite in the way I really wish for, I suppose, tho I sound really selfish (to myself) saying that, 'cause some people don't have anyone and don't, um, have anyone who has them. Yeah. That makes sense. (Sure it does.)

I think I'll stop now before I accidentally destroy someone's mind.

Subject for future entry: longings for a rocket-powered spiked sledgehammer. Not in the mood to write it now - bug me about it if it's been a while and I still haven't written it, I'll explain better later, 'specially seeing as how I just realized I managed to misspell "write" as "right". Sleep is clearly desired.

(and don't bother looking for that typo, I fixed it too.)
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