Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
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I don't get it. How do people do this whole casual-relationship thing? Like, say, this. (I could dig out more from different people with no trouble whatsoever, but I'm lazy, and you get the idea.)

See, I've never had that . . . well, once, sort of, but the other person broke it off because they didn't want to get too attached to me. And I just don't understand how something like that is *possible*. Okay, so I haven't been out-and-about looking for people recently, but even when I was, I just plain never found anyone. Virtually nobody who wanted to stay around me that I didn't meet online, or friends-of-friends.

And people tell me I'm great (although I seriously doubt it, especially now), that I'm charming, and so forth, and if that's true, why on earth doesn't anybody seem to notice it except for the ones who are either inaccessible or have already dumped me?

or maybe it's just a gender thing, since just about every person I see that's managed one of these things is female. sometimes being a guy sucks, ya know?
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