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Computer's down as of a few hours ago (this is being written in the bottom of stevie). My room is . . . STILL a mess. And I'm running out of boxes - again. I've got a phenomenal amount of junk, and no parent or car to pick it up - whatever doesn't get stored gets junked or I have to carry.

And it's all so much WORK. I need a chance to rest, and I don't get one - I'm writing on borrowed time, really, I'm probably going to regret this.

Things I Found:

One Claire's Room Key. (Returned to Syreeta.)
Two tufts of red Meghan hair. (I didn't know I had more . . . I thought I'd brought it all to my ex, before she broke up with me.)
Assorted candies.
Lint (multiple).

One empty bottle of Excedrin PM.

I'd forgotten I kept it.

Back to work.
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