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recurring relations

I remember walking up Pike, past the Northwest School, a few years ago. I met someone on the way down that I remembered. His name was Sergio. He'd always intimidated me a bit . . . he was loud and athletic and very aggressive. I'd left in the ninth grade, and I'm guessing he stayed through 12th, which is the year he would have been then.

I'd changed.

I don't know if he really recognized me. I do know that he recognized something . . . maybe I seemed familiar but he couldn't place me. I met his eyes, and he met mine, and this time I didn't back down, and he did. And we passed each other, and I didn't look back.

There was this girl in a class I was taking at Central. Her name was Vena. She looked familiar. I couldn't place her (never have been able to . . . maybe I didn't know her at all, maybe I just thought I did.) She was nice.

Coming home from work, once or twice, there's this guy I've seen on the bus. I know him, I think. I remember him from school, though I can't remember which grade, or even which school. I think of him as Nick. I'm not sure if that's his name or not. When I knew him, he laughed and joked, he was the class clown, he was everyone's friend. Now he looks worn down . . . he looks out the window and doesn't see anything. I've never said anything to him . . . I don't even know if he's the person I knew, but it makes me think.

In jewelry making at North, there was someone I met named Lisa. She was making a starburst - copper and bronze circles. Tough to make in that size, she had problems with metal expansion. (Major problems.) I saw her again at a bus stop, but couldn't place her, and decided not to get off the bus . . . a few hours later I finally realized who it was, and wished I'd stopped.

Cities are surprisingly small sometimes.

Who keeps showing up in your life?
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