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So I'm sure it's come to some people's attention that I'm annoyed, and I'm going to say why.

Most immediate, I hate getting woken up in the morning if I'm not expecting it. Especially if I've stayed up until 5am with friends, and said friends are the ones waking me up. Especially if I'm getting woken up by the equivalent of "Time for you to stop slacking off and go to work!", *especially* if nobody bothered to tell me that this work was even going to happen. (And I checked - it's not mentioned on the__house at all.)

Most major, I don't have much money. I'm holding steady, maybe making a little profit, and - at the moment - there is a grand total of *one* person who has paid their rent. Two who have shown the *ability* to pay their rent. One who has no job, and two who, together, owe me over $3500 (which is *twice* what they've paid me so far.) Overall I'm owed approximately $6500. Obviously this whole idea was pretty stupid from the beginning, and I'm never going to do it again, but at the moment I'm mostly concerned with getting my money back.

And this chains pretty nicely into the other issue. See, there are a few reasons I wanted a house. One of them was hanging out with friends. One of them was finally having a good space for lan parties once people were back in Seattle (and people are definitely coming back to Seattle.) Right now I'm finding that most people seem to want to set up a dining room instead. I'm not interested in a dining room. I get home after midnight and nobody's awake. A dining room is useless to me.

Now, even this isn't really a problem - the problem is that, if I don't like the way the house is being run, I CAN'T LEAVE. I'm stuck here. I've signed a lease - remember that lease thing? - saying that I would be here for a year. I might be able to get out of it if other people were going to sign it also, but nobody else can *afford* it. Without me, you would have been evicted months ago, and yet I'm the one who's dissatisfied with how the house is being run. Does anyone else see a problem here? You've got me in a situation I don't like and with no route of escape. If you all decide to leave, I am *stuck* here for the remainder of the lease - ten months or so - at $2000 a month.

And I'll *still* be $6500 short, thanks to people who didn't bother to get jobs for months or, say, used their money to buy a bed before making sure they could pay rent.

On top of all *that*, I'm having to deal with people telling me they don't feel I'm helping out around the house enough, demanding that I clean the stove when I did a week ago, and in general pushing yet more responsibilities onto me. Guess what? I'm not going to do it. Once you've paid your rent, *then* you can tell me that I need more responsibility. Right now I'm buying stuff at Safeway when I come home - including at least half of the milk that gets drunk - and I'm not even charging you for it.

Those who know me (and there are some of you who have known me for a *very* long time) know that I tend to like helping people out. I don't like seeing people hurt. I don't like making demands.

They also know that I'm sick and fucking tired of being used as a doormat, and right now, I feel like people are just taking for granted the fact that I'm keeping them in the house that they want.

Now I'm going to make a few specific comments, and maybe I should be doing this in person or privately, but right now I don't care.

hawkswift: You've paid me back. Thank you. You also haven't been pressuring me, and thank you for that also.
shrike30: Move in and pay me back, dude :P
naruvonwilkins: You've got a job, and you *can* pay me back. Yes, you just got your paycheck - I don't really mind that you're not paying me back instantly, you only owe me a month of rent. I *do* mind you nagging me to do extra work. I've got a job also, you know, and it involves me not being in the house when most people are awake. Not only that, but one of the reasons I don't want to live at my mom's house is that she was doing the *exact* same kind of nagging that you are. So quit it.
cathexis: You've been a good friend for a long time, and you just moved in, so I don't really mind that you don't have a job yet, as long as you get one soon.
foxfyre: You seem to have had a lot of rough times, and, hey, I don't want to bankrupt you. On the other hand you owe me the second most of anyone in the house. So get me checks, because I'm tired of being broke just as much as you are.
m00t: You've got a job now. You've gotten a paycheck. Start paying me back. You haven't even *started* paying me for the first month's rent yet, and you have no idea how tired of this I am. You know how there's supposedly this guy that owes you a lot of money? You know how annoying it is that he isn't paying you? Well I've got a guy living in my basement who has been making excuses for months, and continues borrowing more from me because I don't want to evict him.

One thing I've heard quite a lot is "I can't pay you back right now, I don't have the money." Well that's too bad, because right now, neither do I. Only the difference is, I don't have it because I've been giving it to you.

Yes, I'm irritated. Yes, I'm angry. With the way I'm feeling right now, I don't have any problem with it if people want me to leave the house - in fact, *I've* been considering leaving, just to get out of this whole mess.
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