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Okay. When this data overlaps, I merge it with the other data. *codecodecode* This should work. Hey! It works! I'll try it on a nastier case. Oooh, that so didn't work. Kinda pretty . . . looks like a star. Pity it's meant to be a square. Let's see, I think I'll print out some of the data. No, that looks right. That looks right too. I don't know if that part's right, it's scrolled off the screen. Stupid ten-thousand-line buffer. I'd better write a program to check for inconsistencies.

Oops. That program isn't supposed to crash.

Okay. That fixed it.

Crashed again . . . but this time it looks like it found an inconsistency first. Ah, there's the problem! Okay. Back to the test data.

IT WORKS! And that one works also! Hey, I bet these outputs would look a lot better if I added vertex display. Ooooh, pretty. Constellations. (note: once I've finished the next step of the algorithm, I'm planning to post a few of these outputs on my LJ - they *are* pretty.) Time for a real-world case.

Ugh. That's a new way of breaking. More debug output!

. . .

More debug output!

Hmm . . . it almost looks like it's folding inside itself . . . Wait, I've been working on the assumption that loops have the solid part on the *outside*. What if it's getting the solid part on the *inside*?

*proceeds to sketch on paper for several minutes*

Well, if *that* happens, this error correction code would just be making things worse . . . so the obvious solution . . . is to detect which one of those is the case, and reverse the error correction code to push it past the singularity point!



I wonder what game is running on the MAME box right now.
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