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. . . is something I've been doing recently. When my thoughts wander off into those corridors that I'd rather keep untrodden right now, thank you . . . though it seems I don't get a choice.

And I remember things I haven't remembered in months . . . our last hug, for example. (I wonder if she remembers that . . . I remember it because somehow I knew it was one of those that had potential for being the last.) And the last time I saw her, walking angrily away into the plane. (No, I didn't get a hug goodbye . . .)

I don't remember our last kiss, but . . . I remember one that I thought then might be the last. (It almost was, too . . .)

sigh. I wonder what she's doing now . . . not being online and all. I hope she's okay. There's a very good chance I won't find out. (If she killed herself, would they tell me?) Until I get around to going after my scifi, I suppose . . . it's probably worth it, she's got some mighty hard-to-find Robinson, Gerrold, and Niven. and probably other stuff as well. Most of my favorites. Grr, I'm ranting . . . don't want to say what I'm feeling, so I'm just writing safe stuff, I recognize this. Except . . .

I don't *know* what I'm feeling, so I can't say it.

Signs Something Is Wrong: When your girlfriend proclaims a vacation her "best ever" on the basis that her computer now works.

Only a week left in DC :(

A hole in the movie Sneakers:

Do you have any IDEA how many things are anagrams of Setec Astronomy? The chance of them getting that *one* is miniscule. The chance of that actually being the one he was intending . . .

Other Things Setec Astronomy Anagrams To:

"Tyson To Ma Ceres"
"A Ecosystem Torn"
"Sorta Soy Cement"
"Yes Tom, Scorn ETA"
"Soma Crone Testy"
"Rat Nest Cosy, Moe"
"Ross, Ye Tan Comet!"
"Meson Ore At Cyst"
"Yo, Son, Erect Mast!"
"Racy Moon Testes"
"Sam 'Coyote' Ernst"
"Nose To Army Sect"
"Ames' Corn? Yes, Tot"
"Me Test Coy Sonar"
"NATO Core System"

(Note: there are some amusingly mildly dirty ones you can get with "erect". "Ass" yields some amusing entries as well. I didn't try for detail on "testes", for hopefully obvious reasons.)

And no, I'm not as insane as this would seem to indicate - I just browsed this. Note that it only gives the words in one arrangement - you may have to rearrange them for amusing stuff. Also note that while searching through this, I didn't see "secrets" once. (I may have seen "many" - not sure.)


"Secret Toy Moans".

I think it's time for bed.
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