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Zorba's Day on Saturday

Stay up until 7 am in serious emotional pain. Sleep four hours, go out on date, break up with girl because I can't handle a single monogamous relationship right now due to severe trust issues. Go home. Meet ex-girlfriend (creator of many of the aforementioned trust issues) who has apparently (for reasons I have not yet ascertained) been invited to my house completely against my very direct explicit wishes, without any warning, breaking promises to me yet again. Find out that good friend's girlfriend has attempted suicide, much like the aforementioned ex-girlfriend still sitting ten feet from me, which she broke up with me for. (Yes, you heard that right.)

Now admittedly the "oh, don't worry, I'm not in love with him, I'm in love with you, well, I'm breaking up with you and moving into his house anyway now, ha ha, sucks to be you and I'm still going to make just enough effort at being friends so you have to feel guilty when you don't particularly want to reciprocate (but not even close to enough so that you might start liking me again)" girlfriend hasn't contacted me yet today. So things could be worse.

But on the other hand, things could be a whole hell of a lot better too.
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