Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

I log onto Eve Online.

There's a piece of mail waiting for me.

"100 units of Omber sold to D'Xye for 500 isk (5 per item) by Serla and waits at D'Xye's hanger at Kusomonmon II - Moon 7 - Caldari Provisions Plantation for pickup."

Those who were watching may remember this. I offered some minerals for sale because I didn't want them. I picked a value above the current for-sale price (which was ludicrously low) but about half their actual worth. I couldn't exploit their worth, it would take more time than it was, well, worth.

Apparently D'Xye can put them to some use, because he bought them, and I now have more money than if I'd just scrapped them.

Note that this all happened behind the scenes. I don't know how he found the Omber, only that he apparently wanted it. I don't even know *why* he wanted it.

But, hey. I've got money, I'm happy. He's got omber, presumably he's happy.

This game is amazing.
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