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Someday I should seriously just write up a list of "Things That Irritate Me Unbelievably".

It'd probably be just as well-recieved as the Dating Contract and the Guide To Me Wanting To Be Your Friend.

I don't know, I've been holding back on telling this particular person, but it just plain isn't worth it. And, hey, everyone I know *has* said they want me to just tell them if I'm annoyed. I think some of them don't honestly mean it, but hey, it's their own metaphorical grave.

The issue's just that I don't want to hurt people. And asking them whether they want to know or not when I have an issue to talk to them about is just iffy.

"So, if there was a giant asteroid heading towards the Earth that was going to kill all of us, would you want to know?"
"Errr . . ."
"Entirely hypothetically, of course."
"No, I wouldn't."
"Okay then."
". . . Is there?"
"No, of course not." *glances up at the sky for half a second*

Maybe I need a Friendship Contract as well as a Dating Contract.

Sheesh. This could all be so much easier.
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