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<Karunel> hmm guys a quick question if my computer starts beeping all the time when I execute a program that´s a bit memory-consuming, what should I do?
<Denyerec> Karunel - Close the EVE client ;)
<Karunel> :p
<Karunel> It happens with DoD too... Im going crazy
<Karunel> I tried to shut the cpu speaker but only thing I got was the 5.1 working like twice as good as before
<Karunel> *sigh*
<Denyerec> Is it the internal speaker beeping ?
<Karunel> Yep Den
<Denyerec> Because it might be a heat issue.
<Karunel> oh its possible
<Karunel> Considering the place the CPU is in
<Karunel> oh just a moment my room is in flames
<Karunel> brb
* Karunel is now known as Karu_roominfire
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