Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Just finished Chrono Cross . . . wow. Good ending. (For those who know me and know that I "beat" it several days ago, that wasn't the best ending - this was.) Anyway. Good ending. I can't say anything about it (obviously) except that it involved very little FMV, and totally didn't need it. And it wasn't an absurdly long drawn-out Squaresoft ending! Woo! As much as I loved the FF6 ending, it *was* a bit excessive (15 minutes? 20 minutes?)

Anyway. Wow.

And it manages to be uplifting as well . . . I mean . . . how to explain?

I'm lonely that I don't have anyone I can curl up with in front of a fireplace and simply exist with . . . and I'm lonely that I don't have anyone that I can discuss absolutely anything with, for a variety of reasons . . . and I wished during the ending several times that I had someone I could put my arm around and smell the scent of her hair, and know that she was happy just being there (as I would be). But . . .

it'll happen someday. Maybe. There are people out there . . . I just gotta find them . . .

(Now *this* is what an RPG ending should do to someone!)

current mood: inexplicable . . . but not lonely, exactly.

Although slightly annoyed that LiveJournal has such a restricted "mood" field ;)
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