Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

user explosion!

Oh, one other comment - I seem to have been trolling the LJ-waves for friends recently, as I now have (counts) six more in the space of maybe a week. Many of whom update often. Gak, entry overload! But I don't mind at all 'cause they're interesting people ^^ The part I find mildly strange is that three of them have added me to *their* friends list, on the basis of, like, one or two replies. And maybe them browsing the journal.

I mean, yes, I'm setting a total double standard here - it's perfectly reasonable for me to add them, but they'd have to be insane to add me - but, I mean, *still*! It's a bit weird - I'm not used to people actually being even mildly interested in me ;)

And now I see that someone has come *completely* out of nowhere and added me. Like, utterly out of nowhere.

And, wow, her profile rocks ^^ as usual, her interests list reminds me of half a dozen things I need to add to mine . . . well, time to add another friend ;)

I need to start colorcoding.
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