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packing again

so here I am, packing again . . . get everything back into its appointed position, and forcing in the few extra things I've gotten and all.

I don't want to leave. I like it here . . . and I don't know how well I'll do back home. There'll be nobody to go to in the middle of the night when I really need someone.

I'll manage somehow. I always seem to, it's just very rarely fun.

My mom says she saw my exgf (the two got to be good friends, before my ex was, well, my ex) . . . has something she wants to talk to me about, but it'll wait until I get there. Whoopie. That'll be fun.

And, my dad has a lead on a job, and all.

I'll have lousy computers when I'm there. my dad's, at best, which wasn't exactly a good computer when he bought it. Here . . . at least it does what I need, it's not a bargain-basement consumer model, it's a reasonably middle or high-end consumer model. There . . . an obsolete system and a bargain-basement consumer model :/ Wonderful. So much for programming.

Two months of nothing until I can get back to Oberlin.

At least I'll see the Seattle gang again.

yeah. time to go pack.
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