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Well, that was an adventure.

I've been doing a lot of cooking recently. My cooking style is similar to that of the ferret. "Ooooh, what's THIS do?" Surprisingly, nothing has turned out *bad* so far (and this includes the Smoked Macaroni and Cheese, the Questionable Omelet, and the Chicken with Stuff On It), but many things have been learning experiences.

Things I have learned today:

A white sauce is like a secret stealthy ninja, waiting for you to turn your back for a split second to leap out of the bushes and solidify into a surprisingly hard mass. (Do not panic - like the summer blossom, its secret weakness is milk and a hell of a lot of stirring.)
Thyme is stronger than it looks. Dill is not.
You need more fettucini than you do linguine.

The learning process continues.
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