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I'd forgotten some of the more annoying aspects of living with my mom. Example:

At the airport, on floor 4 (this being the skybridge level) and going up to floor 6 (since we discovered, at my prodding, that it's actually incredibly easy to find great parking spaces above floor 5, since 99% of the people who park comb the lower floors besides giving up and going to the higher floors. Why not just skip floors 1 through 5 and go straight up to where there are perhaps two cars for every thirty parking spaces?) Anyway. At the airport, floor 4.

mom> We're parked over there, near the elevators, on floor 6.
me> Okay. (starts walking towards elevators)
mom> Wait. What floor are we on?
me> We're on floor 4.
mom> Oh. We need to be on floor 6. (starts looking around)
me (patiently)> That's what the elevators are for.

And then there was, just a few minutes ago, when she was telling me about something interesting and I noticed that the cat was licking her plate, which I pointed out to her. Turned out it was okay, she'd put it there for him, but she started talking something about why she'd put it down (yes, this is actually a more complex subject than you'd think) but since I didn't really care why she'd put the plate down, I tried to get her back on the other subject, which she got angry at me for . . .

And, of course, just a few seconds ago - "Mom, wanna hear something funny?" "No."

Yep, she's sulking. And here I thought she was supposed to be *more* mature than I was?

Entry tonight, likely: Good Will Hunting. Note for myself so I can find the bit I'm referring to: negative 4:39. (had to rewind the tape first. and there's another movie on it.)
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