Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Right. So there's this guy - naruvonwilkins - who thinks I've been making posts complaining about people without mentioning them by name. And he's right, because mostly I try to generalize and actually *say* something about it, rather than saying "this guy is annoying me for these reasons".

Clearly he doesn't want me to do this. So when it's a problem I have with him, I'll mention him by name. Like right now, for example, when he hasn't bothered to look at my side at all on *any* issues - it's worth pointing out that I've been willing to talk to Naomi several times, and she has never once been willing to talk to me. My feeling is that if she isn't willing to talk to me, she can go screw herself. I also think that this is entirely not his fucking business - it's mine, and hers, and partially cathexis's, and, on a very far tangent because they were friends at one point, heronblue's. But not his.

That is, however, not what this entry is about.

This is my journal. I will write things in it that apply to my life. If I'm being annoyed by something, or having problems with something, it will go in this journal. That is not the issue, because that is set in stone and will not change.

I'm not forcing you to read this journal. I'm not forcing anyone to read this journal, in fact. However, out of knowledge that people *do* read this journal, I've been refraining from using it as a ground to complain about specific people. Clearly this effort isn't appreciated. So: if you want me to name you by name when I'm talking about my life and irritants in it, reply here saying so. If you don't want me to name you by name, you can reply here saying that also, or you can just not reply.

Note that I'm not offering to keep you out of my journal entirely. Often an issue just isn't important enough for me to confront about it. Often I don't feel up to it. I'm not going to make a secret of this, I'm feeling totally unwanted in Das Haus. I don't get invited to anything (even when everyone around me is getting invited, I get skipped over). I get ignored, I get insulted, and the fact is that without me you wouldn't even *have* this house - unless one of you is sitting on a six thousand dollar bank account that I don't know about, because that's how much I'm owed right now. There's a grand total of two people who have paid for themselves, and the one doesn't even have a job. So no. I'm not happy. Only whenever I bring it up, I get people like naruvonwilkins telling me that my complaints are laughable. And yes, I've tried, and no, I don't expect people to remember, because being told that I'm wrong for being unhappy tends to cut the conversation pretty short.

So yes. I'm going to complain on here. And I'm not going to hide it from anyone. If you don't want to read it, you don't have to. If you don't want people you know to read it, you're welcome to tell them that they're not allowed to read my journal. They are not obliged to follow your orders, of course, but you're welcome to try.


I'm not changing my writing to conform to the expectations of my readers. If you want me to complain about you by name, tell me. If you don't, tell me (or don't, and it'll default to that).
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