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so here's the deal.

I'm staying at the house for the time being - yes, this was debated, there was a very good chance that I'd leave, and likely sever all ties with the gang in the process. We're working up guidelines that will hopefully prevent friction between me and naruvonwilkins. With luck things will be okay for a while, and we'll be able to live in the same house.

None of this addresses the fact that I no longer like him. None of this addresses the fact that I consider his actions morally reprehensible. None of this addresses the fact that I find him manipulative, self-serving, and egocentric. None of this addresses the fact that I don't actually want to live with him at all anymore . . . but, well, that's Unreasonable. so either I live here and deal with it, or I leave.

I'm fully expecting to get flamed by him or someone else saying that I should be taking this up with him, but screw it, I tried and nobody seems to understand where I'm coming from. And I suppose I'm going to get flamed for saying that I didn't bring it up, but hey. whatever. I'm past caring . . . I can't trust anybody but myself. (this ignores the fact that I can't trust myself either.)

one week of trying . . .

I'm looking for new places to stay already. This might work . . . but you know, living in a situation I don't like for half a year isn't worth it.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate this?
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