Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

listening to techno reminds me of this game series called Crusader. There were two - Crusader: No Remorse and Crusader: No Regret. (They were making a third, titled Crusader: No Mercy, but it was canned, and with the effective death of Origin I doubt it'll ever be continued.)

The great thing about these games wasn't the graphics (though they weren't bad) or the plot (though it was effective) or the game technology (which was minimal). It was running around, killing bad guys, and making really big things blow up.

And everything blew up. I mean, everything. Everyone's joked about bad guys keeping these inexplicable stashes of explosives lying around - well, this place must have been the storehouse. You machinegunned a barrel, BOOM. You shot a *crate* - foomp. You shot a HANDRAIL and it would explode (though very little).

And the bad guys . . . you'd walk into a room and just spray the room with bullets. Bambambambam. And, ya know, you'd take out half a dozen computer consoles and some enemies. That's just the way the game worked.

The best part was when you started getting really good - everyone's seen jackie chan action movies, right? Roll to the left, leap off a balcony, etc. Well, you could actually *do* that. And the control was good enough that it worked. You could strafe, you could roll to the sides and forward and back, you could jump. You could dodge rockets.

And behind it all, it played good techno music.

And that's what's missing from games today, it seems. The ability to say "screw it all, let's just blow stuff up and call it a day." Games just do it halfway. They try to make a blow-everything-up game and don't do anything *new*. You *can't* blow everything up, you can't knock out entire areas of the level. Games have tried, and they've failed, they've just done same ol' same ol'. Another two dozen bad guys, another small explosion. When was the last time you watched half the screen explode and just *ran* from the shockwave?

It'll happen someday, but . . . not yet, it seems.

We need another Crusader game.

(Wonder if Origin would sell the rights? :P)

For some reason I seem to be holding up better here than I thought I would. Perhaps I'm just used to suppressing emotion here :/ Oh, and I realized something - I'm not Will Hunting. I'm his girlfriend.

(Well, I always *said* I'd make a better female.)
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