Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

It's weird being here.

Absolutely everyone is missing, and a surprising number of them are in different countries. heronblue's in Vermont, rekling's in Boston (I think) . . . and then greenity's in France, and jude's in Germany, and I don't even remember othersarah's LJ name *or* where she is.

What has become increasingly obvious to me is that I really want to go back to college, but I really don't want to go back to Oberlin.

I really like the people who are here - but even these people are leaving. And most of the people here are . . . ugh. Insane. and not in the good way. (Once I'm back, remind me to post the picture that summarizes Oberlin quite well - I didn't bring my camera uplink cable, so I can't do it here.)

so yeah. The new college search continues.

Meanwhile, it's good to be back . . . even if it is hot . . . and even if I do have to use a Mac.

Running OS9, no less.
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