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comedy of errors (except not as funny)

The thing that's been bugging me about human phone contacts and human data entry lately is that they SUCK. They don't know what they're talking about and they're usually horribly trained or badly updated, depending in which we're talking about.

Case in point: (no, *cases* in point:)

Earlier this month I call up U-Haul. "Do you rent vans?" Yes, they do. "Do most U-Haul locations have vans?" Yep. They do. Want to check any in particular? "Yeah, check around Oberlin?" (checks) Yes, most places around Oberlin do, in fact, rent vans.

I also send an email to the guy who handles storage. "When can I get my stuff out?" Well, we're officially open these dates, but let me know the day before and I can come open it up for you. "Okay, cool."

No problem!

Now I actually *get* here . . .

I email the guy who handles storage again. "Can I get it open on Monday or Tuesday, 2 or 3 pm?" Well, no, you can't - in fact, we're only open from Wednesday to Thursday, and we're not letting anyone set up appointments.

Note that my plane home leaves at 7am on Wednesday.

Gee. Thanks for, oh, *giving me accurate information when I needed it*.

I managed to track down a phone number for him and get him to open it up at 2pm on Tuesday. Problem averted. Now let's find a van!

heh heh . . . yes.

U-Haul website yields the three closest places to Oberlin. I call the first one. "Hi. Do you have a van?" They do, but it's out of commission. Doh! Oh well. I call the next one. Unfortunately, the phone number is wrong - "your call cannot be connected as dialed." Bah. Bad luck! I call the next one. Same thing.

You'd think they'd update these numbers, right?

I call the next one . . . and the next one . . . and the next one . . . and out of the 12 places closest to Oberlin, more than half of them don't have working numbers, and all the rest don't have vans. Except the first, which has a broken van.

I track down another place. Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Yes, they have vans! Minivans, in fact, which will be easier to drive. Excellent! I tell them that the person driving will be under 25, and they say "oh, okay, it'll be an extra $15 fee per day." No problem. So we drive over there to pick up a van.

"Hi, I've got a van reservation." Ah, you're the person who called a few minutes ago? "Yep, that's me." Well, we made a mistake. We won't rent minivans to people under 25. "But . . . you said you *would*, and it would be an extra fee!" We won't. Sorry. We'll rent anything up to a full-size car, though. "Okay, that should be big enough, and it's still a lot better than what we've got . . . how much are those?" We don't have any.


Luckily, the Meghan/Colin/David/Shelly collective have volunteered to keep my stuff in their house. So it all works out in the end, and we don't even need to cart it down to Oberlin.

But I find it highly ironic that the only thing that *did* work was reserving storage space in Cleveland . . . which was done entirely online, and which I'm now going to have to call back in order to keep from getting charged $15/mo.
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