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my life, thumbnail theater mode (revisited)

Me: Hi!
Girl: Hi!
Me: I like you.
Girl: I like you too! Here, meet one of my friends. Oh, by the way, I'm dumping my old boyfriend.
Friend: Hi! I like you too.
Me: I like you too! And I like her too.
Friend: Yeah, so do I. Only she dumped me for no obvious reason to go out with the person she just dumped.
Me: Well, she won't do that to me.
Girl: I'm dumping you for no obvious reason. Now I like that guy, over there, instead.
Me: Damn.
Girl: Now I'm dumping him also, I like this new guy better.
Not-friend-or-"guy"-or-"new-guy": Hey! You're evil!
Me: Huh? Me?
Not-friend-or-"guy"-or-"new-guy": Yeah, you! Girl said so! And I really like her! It's a pity she has a boyfriend.
Me: I'm going to take a brief break here to extrapolate the future in my head.
Me: ...
Me: I'll just leave you two alone, then. Have fun!

If anyone can figure out who I'm talking about, I'm impressed . . . unless you're Friend, in which case I'm not surprised at all.

Note that Girl and Not-friend can't read this. :P

(Edit, 09/11/2006: They can now.)
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