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I'm writing this against my better judgement. I don't believe it will do any good. I do believe it will do harm - I believe it's entirely possible it will be used to split friends away from me even further. On the other hand, enough of me still considers these people friends that I don't really have any choice here . . . even if I think it won't help.

If you see someone walking into the lion's mouth, you gotta warn them. That's all there is to it.

To sum up this entire post in one sentence, I believe Ben S is a dangerously self-centered manipulative power-obsessed control freak. He decided to get me out of the house for no reason other than that he could. I warned Raventhon that he was likely next on the list, and a week and a half later was proven right. We did, indeed, tell him he could move in - he was relying on that, he does have the money, and it was planned out. This is a fact. As of this writing (5/21) he seems to have succeeded. I'm guessing his next target will be Matt, Rachel, and Serina, and there already seems to be some evidence in favor of this.

After they're gone, I don't know who the next target is. I have the vague feeling it will be Colin, though I can't explain why. I *do* believe that he's not going to stop trying to push people around. I believe that anyone who takes a look at the events leading to me leaving and Raventhon not being allowed to join would have to be blind to not see it.

I also believe that he's going to deny everything, at least, and it's entirely possible he's going to claim I was the manipulative one, that I'm trying to make his friends hate him, and so on and so forth. There's no point in getting into a point-by-point argument on this. Nothing he says should influence your decision on this in the least. Conversely, nothing *I* say should influence your decision either. I have no illusions that my position is "obviously right". However, I recommend that everyone who's in contact with him look at what he's done to his previous friends, and not cling to the mistaken illusion that you are somehow different.

In the spirit of full disclosure, Ben S is banned from commenting on my journal, and I will delete any comment left by him (and eventually report him to lj_abuse if he gets irritating enough.) I no longer have any interest in what he has to say - to me, his actions have proven that he is not a person I care to talk to. When his actions start speaking differently, maybe I'll reconsider.

Actions speak louder than words.

And whatever you people choose, good luck.
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