Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Okay, Planetside is officially cool.

I go through the tutorials (driving the car is fun) and join the main game. The tutorials only show a few of the weapons, and I decide to look at *all* of them - they've got "VR simulators" for testing everything in the game, so I head for the nearest one and blow stuff up.

The weapons are kinda neat. Nothing all that exceptional.

I head for the vehicle simulator. Obviously the vehicle simulator is MUCH larger - instead of a small room with supply terminals and gun ports, it's a large open area. The nearest building is very close, so I head there. It's an airplane terminal - there are two airplanes available, the Mosquito and the Reaver. The Mosquito is about what you'd expect. It's small. It's got a small gun. It's fast. It's small. It's, well, small. The Reaver is a bit cooler - it's got a high-speed missile launcher also. It's still kinda small though. What, are all the air vehicles one-person?

I fly around in the Mosquito a bit and notice another airplane terminal.

There's three airplanes available here - the Mosquito and the Reaver, of course, and there's also another. The Galaxy.

I choose "Galaxy" and a behemoth pops up in front of me.

It's got a driver. It's got THREE gunners. It's got six passengers in light armor AND two in heavy armor. And it can carry small vehicles.

I LIKE this game.
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