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expensive stuff that needs to be managed before college:

Still to do:
Tuition ($lots)
Car ($much less, but still noticable)
Rent ($4.5k)
Food ($varies, but well under $1k)
Utilities ($varies, but well under $1k)
Laptop (<$500)
Hard drives ($400, with current plan)
Speakers (Midiland 8200 V2) ($300)
Sound card (TerraTec Aureon 7.1 Space) ($150)
Headphone amp (Headroom Little) ($250)
Joystick (Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS) ($250)
PS2 ($200)

AV switch(es) for consoles and audio ($70)

. . . and that's it.

Not too bad, all things considered . . . not failing miserably at Topcoder (if I can do it) will blow away a good number of these easily.

Financial aid will help too, as will student loans. If I can get 'em. We'll see.
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