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First: using uberhightech for uberlowtech purposes. There's an article in a recent Science News about . . .

carbon nanotube light bulbs!

Apparently they're very similar to florescent (yes, I misspelled that) bulbs, with three important differences. First, they turn on instantly. Second, they're very easy to make variable-brightness. Third, they aren't filled with toxic mercury vapor. Which of these do you think the public will care about most? That's right, the first two!

The only problem - at the moment they gulp power, about 10x the current floor-ess-cent bulbs. So you won't see them for a while.

Second: what begins with full disclosure shall end with full disclosure.

Yeah, I think I came up with What I'll Do. I'll find a floppy disk somewhere and write a letter on it (in .txt format, of course, 'cause, ya know. it's easier.) I'll put the latest copy of my thoughts and feelings on it, and probably put a link to this journal. Then drop it in her mailbox. (no, I'm not going to mail a floppy disk, I'll just drop by her house and chuck it in the mailbox. I'm good at dodging humans, and there's no reason she'd be downstairs.) Letter will include things like: I don't know how you feel anymore, I don't know whether you're wishing I would get in touch with you or never want to hear from me again. I don't know if you have any idea how much you hurt me, and I don't even know if you care or not. Here's everything. If you want to read it, go ahead, if you don't, nobody's forcing you. If you don't contact me, I'll never contact you again, and if you want to contact me, I'm here. Ball's in your court.

though perhaps phrased differently.

Just waiting on me getting around to it, and I need to ask cathexis if it's okay with him. (Is it?)

oh, and by the way, if you get this before I call you, there's a gang get-together at Avi's this sunday (17th), 11-noon-1-wheneverish to 9-wheneverish. Mom's house. Drop by if you can, or we'll call, and give me a reply to this post if you get it so I don't waste time calling you :)
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