Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

<_moj> anyone know what could be wrong with this statement? while(fstudentNo.length() != 6 )
<larne> calc quiz
<CalcMe> quiz = This is not a quiz show. So do not ask what is wrong with your code, tell us what your compiler says about it!
<_moj> it gives an error 'request for member'
<larne> What is the entire error?
<_moj> warning in function `void: request for member
<larne> _moj: If the people who wrote your compiler can't even speak English I think you need a new compiler:)
<_moj> its devC++... i figured it would be ok
<larne> _moj: dev-c++ (aka gcc) did not produce that error
<larne> A gcc error looks like "file.cpp:line: in function void f(void): request for member in something that is not struct or union", or something along those lines.
<_moj> you're right.. i found the full error on another page
<larne> And the error is?
* qDot watches larne pull teeth
<_moj> request for member `length' in `fstudentNo', which is of non-aggregate type `float'
<larne> _moj: float is a scalar type -- it's not a class or struct and has no member functions
<_moj> is there a way to get the length of it?
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