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So there's this news story which, while interesting on its own, is not actually what I'm concerned with.

There's a few lines in it that I've been seeing *really* often, and to put it bluntly, they're really really worrying.

Mike said a Qwest manager looked into the matter and later told him the company found two calls, one from the telemarketing center and another two minutes later from a cellphone. Qwest declined to confirm that.

Why on *earth* is Qwest "declining to confirm that"? It's not like it would be a serious security problem to say "yes, we did indeed find two calls." It's not even like it would be a problem for Qwest to admit that (although the ability of corporations to say "well, it might hurt our bottom line to admit we're not perfect, therefore we don't have to" is a worrying subject on its own.) No, the problem is that it's become so accepted for corporations to deny absolutely *everything* that nobody even notices anymore! It's gotten to the point where companies will literally refuse to tell you what items they have in stock, or what their return policies are - it's only a matter of time until they refuse to tell you their prices, and I'm only half-joking on that.

What has *happened* to the world, and why are companies getting away with this?
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