Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

So imagine you've got a knitted sweater.

Well, it used to be a knitted sweater. Only one person decided to let out the armpits a little, and another person decided to close the collar a little. And then open the collar a little. And then it got a few tears in it, so someone went and patched them. And then someone decided to knit the arms together for some ungodly reason, and someone else took them apart, only did it wrong, and so a third person fixed it - well, sort of fixed it, because neither arm is quite in the same place it used to be, and it's all kind of a mess. But it works. Kind of.

And then someone tossed it in a blender and randomly knitted pieces of it together.

Now: your job is to unthread all the various pieces of yarn. They have to end up in the same state they are currently, only not tangled, and each piece has to be seperate. Of course, some of the pieces of yarn are now permanently welded in circles, and some of them are in more complex shapes - topologically figure 8's, or even weirder things. But that's okay, that's how you want to keep them. You just need to seperate all the various pieces, and all you can do is break the pieces of yarn and then reconnect them somehow.

That's my job.

Back to coding!
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