Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Okay. This has progressed into pure idiocy.

See, I'll admit that there's a lot of stuff that happened that has two sides to it. Especially those last two months, when I actually *was* avoiding everyone in das haus. Of course, the reasons I was avoiding everyone is another subject . . . but hey, it's another subject, I'm ignoring that for now.

So, okay. I'm not happy with all of that, but I was thinking it over, quite a lot. I suppose really I can't *expect* for you to defend your friends against other people you've just met. I suppose, really, you shouldn't *have* to tell my ex-girlfriends that they can't come over. And I *did* offer to loan money to you, and I didn't really give a specific date for paying me back, and you didn't say you'd appreciate it.

So maybe everything was baseless.

Okay. Massive rationalization. I suppose if I was a stronger person I'd just decide you weren't friends anymore instead of waffling, wouldn't I?

On the other hand . . . it's really rather hard to come up with a rationalization for this last bit. Let's imagine a completely non-hypothetical package arrives, addressed to me. Cardboard box. There aren't bills in it. People don't send bills in cardboard boxes - that's what envelopes are for - and anyone saying "oh, we thought there might be bills for us in it" is either lying through their teeth or a master of self-delusion. But somehow maybe you decided there were bills inside, so you decided to open it. (Note: this is illegal. Very, very illegal.)

Only there aren't bills, there's a gameboy advance.

At this point I can't even try any more. Okay. "Bills." It's a shoddy reason, but at least it's a reason. Which leads to the inevitable question, what on earth could possess you to take my gameboy advance out and start playing with it? I mean really. I'm trying to come up with even a vague reason. I suppose, maybe, for some bizarre reason, you might have decided you needed to test it out to make sure the installation worked well. It's not your gameboy, you didn't pay money for it, you're not involved in the least, but okay, maybe somehow you made that decision (incidentally, it works fine - you hold select down and use L and R to change the brightness, and you can't see it in daylight anyway, daylight is orders of magnitude brighter than the backlight).

I'm stretching. I'm really stretching. There has to be *some* train of thought involved here, right?

Except then you don't tell me it arrived. This is what I don't get. You don't say "oh, by the way, a package arrived for you, and we opened it, and played with the contents without asking you - you want to come get it?" (Okay, maybe I *can* come up with a reason for not telling me . . .)

The only way I even knew it had arrived is a third party - and not even a third party saying "oh, by the way, your GBA arrived", but saying "hey, how do you turn the backlight on on your GBA?"

So that's it. I'm fed up. I'm sure it's only a matter of days before I'm getting demonized (unless it's happening already), and I'm sure everyone in das haus is going to decide I'm spawn of Satan or something along those lines.

But I'm out of it, and not looking back.

cathexis, shrike30, you're off my friends list and out of my life. If you want to talk to me, go right ahead, but if you want me to respond, you'd better have a mighty good explanation or apology.
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