Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Interesting thought:

Imagine you are the owner of a media company. You have a large number of faithful consumers who have been watching/reading/listening to you for years. You also have, potentially, a much much larger number of people who *might* be interested if you changed what you were producing, but, alternatively, might not. Plus, if you change your style, you run the risk of alienating all the people who are already buying your product.

What's the safest thing to do?

Not change.

I believe this explains why the Sunday comics are bland and uninteresting - the vast majority of them are the things they know people want to read (i.e. Blondie, Hagar, Family Circus *shudder*) and therefore they're not willing to change - ignoring the fact that their readership is slowly dying. (I don't mean they're leaving and going to other pastures - I mean they're literally dying of old age.)

I wonder when they're going to decide to take a risk . . . if they don't, they'll just vanish.
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