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Thumbnail theater time!

ex-gf> Don't talk to me.
me> Okay.


friend> You should talk to her!
me> I said I wouldn't.
friend> Well, she wants you to!
me> Then she should start a conversation, I said I wouldn't.


ex-gf> Why aren't you talking to me?
me> Because you asked me not to.
ex-gf> No I didn't.
me> Yeah you did. I've got a log of it. Here.
ex-gf> Well, now I want to talk to you.
me> Okay.
ex-gf> No, wait, I've changed my mind because you weren't talking to me.
me> So you're saying . . .
ex-gf> I don't want to talk to you.
me> *head explodes*


me> *notes that she's made an LJ and added me to her friends list*
me> *head explodes again*

She's still got me on her friends list too. Should I assume this means she wants to talk to me, she doesn't want to talk to me, she's insane, or I should make a friend's group containing only her and spam it with graphic furry death porn and embedded midis?

I think I've got Gilligan's Island around here somewhere still . . .

. . . nah. Too lazy.

(Anyway, what if she wants to talk to me?)
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