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Eh, in the mood to write a really long entry that says a lot about myself, but not in the mood to actually have to think, which I'd need to pull off some of the things I've got listed in my to-do list. (entry #2 was Hell. Entry #5 was n-queens. I wipe 'em as I finish 'em. Curious about any of those? Ask me and I'll nudge them up on my priorities.)

So I'll do a li'l survey that showed up in my friends page ^^

And, just like them, I'll . . .

age I am - 19 and about a half.
people i have fucked (girls & guys) - what definition of the word? but, um, nil.
age when i lost my virginity - See above comment.
times i have been in love - what definition of the word? once, if you count the strictest.
time i have had my heart broken - Once.
hearts i have broken - One or two.
months i have been single - handy thing about being broken up with effectively on new years: the date is the amount of time you've been single! Minus a month. Five. And twelve days. (It was a week after new years.)
continents i have visited - One. This one.
age when i first flew all alone - 18, but late 18.
number of boys i have kissed in my life - none that I'm aware of :)
number of girls i have kissed - One.
number of grades i got at school that were less than A - *snicker* this year, oh, eight? more? If you mean total . . . a lot ^^
classified as suicide attempts but weren't - Nil. If I ever decide to, it won't be an "attempt" . . . (ooh, new entry for my todo list!)
types of drugs taken illegally - Nil. Due to lack of interest. Someday I might.
drugs i am addicted to right now - ice cream >_<
number of people i would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends - four or five I think.
number of people from university that i will stay in contact with - um. *thinks* six, maybe?
number of people from my hall at university that i have snogged - Nil.
number of piercings - Zip.
number of tattoos - Zilch.
number of times my name has appeared on film credits - Cero.
age when first paid for writing - Odd category. Enn eh.
number of scars on my body - one, at most, scars seem to fade quickly on me.
number of times i have feared for my safety whilst walking around London Philly? at night - Huh?
number of times a boy/girlfriend has made me scared of what they could do to me physically - riiiight . . . I don't understand why I seem to be in better shape than 90% of the people I know, but I don't complain.
number of things in my past that i regret, and still haunt my nightmares - too many.


7 things that you are afraid of:

1. Loneliness.
2. Wasting my life.
3. Wasting someone else's.
4. Betraying a friend accidentally, or being betrayed intentionally.
5. Having to go through things again that I have already gone through and barely survived the first time.
6. Not having anyone to lean on when I need it.
7. Not being there for someone to lean on when they need it.
(okay, so it's repetitious. Shut up :P)

7 things that make you laugh:

1. Bad puns.
2. Bad jokes. (or good jokes.)
3. Total inanity.
4. American consumerism.
5. People who don't realize how incredibly stupid they're being.
6. 3l3et h4x0rz.
7. Fanatics. (Of any kind.)

7 things that make you cry:

1. Loneliness.
2. Memories.
3. Other people's pain. (Emotional or physical.)
4. Empathy. (In both directions.)
5. Not being able to help people.
6. . . . I think that's about it.

7 things I love:

1. When I actually *am* able to help :P
2. Having good friends that I can talk to about anything . . .
3. . . . and who can talk to me about anything!
4. Really getting to know people.
5. Playing in alternate universes ^^
6. Raw style.
7. Hanging with the Gang. (woo!)

7 things I don't understand:

1. Girls. (resists the temptation to make this all seven entries)
2. Fanatics.
3. People who restrict their worldview for no discernable reason.
4. Modern house design.
5. People who try to look/act cool despite clearly having no idea what this entails.
6. Japanese. (unfortunately.)
7. Consumers.

7 things on my desk:

I don't *have* a desk. I *had* one. Now someone else has it, or they will in two months when they move in. But, my mom's desk:
1. computer and related peripherals.
2. Plate with remnants of cheese snack.
3. Weird little gizmo that I'm told is an ancient videotape rewinder.
4. Phone/answering machine/call screening device.
5. . . . (grrr, it's a small desk!) a little paper holder thing, with papers.
6. ummm, uhh, a pencil.
7. grr. a FLOPPY DISK. Happy?

Right now you are:

needing to go to the bathroom. be right back ^^;;

7 facts about you:

1. I wander around the house without any socks or shoes often.
2. I'm exceedingly physically sensitive, to the point of which I have to change the feel of the bottom blanket weekly-or-so or I can't sleep. (Generally achieved by changing which blanket is on the bottom.)
3. I'm mighty emotionally sensitive as well . . .
4. I love getting strange looks.
5. I consider myself insane with multiple meanings of the word. (Not all of them good.)
6. I am either honest or modest. Which one depends on context.
7. I very rarely look like I'm paying attention, and almost always am. I have successfully eavesdropped on conversations about myself happening five feet from me.

7 things to do before I die:

1. Fall in love and KEEP IT this time, dagnabbit!
2. Find out what *really* happened. (okay, enough ex-gf-related stuff.)
3. Freefall. 'Nuff said.
4. Get Dream and Death to overhear me deciding not to die. (not likely.)
5. Do all the dumb things I gotta do, just to get them out of the way.
6. Cheerfully do "death-defying sports". Always wanted to skydive . . .
7. Meet everyone I care about and let them know how much I really do.

Well that wasted a lot of time :)

I should go write that letter at some point . . . bah.
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