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Every once in a while I write a long, flowing entry, full of deep philosophical statements and multilayer emotional subtexts.

On the other hand, sometimes I spend the entire entry grumbling about something that nobody in their right minds would spend time grumbling about.

After reading the previous entry, you should know what this one is going to be.

Today's Entry: Software That's Just Too Smart For Its Own Good.

So I'm sitting here, planning to do a fractal animation by animating e in the basic Mandelbrot equation z = z^e + c. I've spent maybe a grand total of ten minutes making the parameter file (okay, making a program to make the parameter file, whatever) and I load it into the fractal renderer. I tell it, 640x480 resolution, antialiasing ON, and save it in .png format.

It tells me that it's expecting to take up precisely 1582.0mb space and that I only have 800mb, and would I please free up some space?

Now, I happen to know about this program's size estimations. They're all based around the (rather naive) assumption that you DON'T COMPRESS YOUR PICTURES. Note that the "required space" indicator is about an inch up-and-to-the-right from the File Format option, and note that more than *half* the file formats in that box are compressed. It even includes JPEGS. Now, why you would want to compress a FRACTAL as a JPG is beyond me. On the list of Things You Don't Compress As Jpgs, fractals are near the top (with "carefully constructed moire noise" possibly being number one). See, when you think of fractals, what do you think? You think DETAIL. Fractals have INFINITE detail. And when you think of jpgs, what do you think? You think LACK of detail. At least, that's what I think, I don't know about you.

So anyway. It's pretty much a guarantee that these output files are going to be compressed, right? As in, take up less space than the absolute MAXIMUM they could take up if the programmer was a MORON. So this whole "required space" thing is kinda inane. And I'm about dead-certain these will fit, I mean, c'mon, it's a modified mandelbrot, you've got a big blue area on the outside, a big black area in the middle, and some fuzzy stuff around the edges. They compress really nicely. But anyway. So I look at the "required space" indicator and say no, no, it's not going to take that much space, I'll be fine. Render anyway.

The program says, and I QUOTE, "The image size is larger than the amount of free space on the selected drive. Please select another drive, or specify a smaller width or height value."

Ummm. NO.


Well, after ranting at the computer a bit, I finally ended up shifting something like 680mb of video from C: to E:, and clearing a few files, and compressing some stuff, and ended up with 1582.3mb of hard drive space or something inane like that. And how much space did the files take up? 22MB. Let me spell this out. TWENTY TWO MEGABYTES. So why was I going to so much trouble to clear up 1582.0mb?

Because the programmer is a MORON.


Okay, now I feel better. End rant.

Incidentally, it's worth noting that I spend five minutes trying to remember the word "naive". Let it never be said that even my stupid entries don't have a small element of poetry to them.

And incidentally, I have four Frank Zappa albums, and only two of them are good. But they're really good.
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