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<antonius> i'm thinking of writing a paper on nuclear energy in germany
<_m_> You should finish the paper within the next 20 years. Otherwise, you won't have much to write about.
<antonius> yeah heh
<antonius> except for the history of it
<_m_> yep
<Kniht> germany is phasing out nuclear energy?
<_m_> yes
<antonius> 20 yrs is still a long time
<Kniht> what do they plan to use?
<ZorbaTHut> why're they doing it?
<_m_> yes 20 years is quite long, The plans are towards usage of coal, gas, sun, wind. Reasons: too dangerous, the majority here doesn't want it anymore, too expensive.
<sloop> in the us anyways it's not really cost competitive
<_m_> the long-term cost for nuclear energy is immense.
<sloop> now you know why the us/uk really took over iraq, waste storage ;)
<_m_> haha
<antonius> hmmm
<antonius> that's a good idea
<antonius> store it in the desert where no water could leach away particles
<ZorbaTHut> I think we should build a railgun
<ZorbaTHut> and launch it into the sun
<ZorbaTHut> I could get elected with that
<ZorbaTHut> "Vote Zorba! Because we're not launching enough stuff into the sun!"
<ZorbaTHut> "today, we're launching a million AOL CDs, because really, who wants AOL CDs?"
<ZorbaTHut> "tomorrow we're going to launch the RIAA"
<ZorbaTHut> I'd vote for me. :P
<JeyK> launch into sun? that uses a lot of energy
<JeyK> i say we burn them for electricity
<ZorbaTHut> too damaging to the environment
<ZorbaTHut> do you really want to be breathing atomized Hillary Rosen?
<JeyK> hmm yeah good point
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