Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

So I've been working on the distributed network quite a lot at work. One of our build steps is rather slow and involves compressing a lot of data, and I've been working on farming that out to the network. I got it working at one point, but ended up turning it off again due to a bottleneck I hadn't considered (thirty computers reading uncompressed bitmaps uses a *lot* of hard drive bandwidth.) After going back and solving the bottleneck (by bzipping all the bitmaps :P) I had some more work that needed to be done, plus one or two glitches that needed to be fixed. Turning it on produced *another* batch of glitches (so it went off again), but I'd fixed those and felt it was ready for another real-world test . . . which was good timing, all things considered.

boss> This is *incredibly* slow. I've been running this build for half an hour now, and it's not even a quarter done.
me> You know, if I turned the distributed network back on, I bet it'd be faster to restart the build than to leave it running. I think I've got the latest batch of bugs worked out.
boss> You think so?
me> Yeah. There we go, it's enabled. Go for it.
boss> Okay, let's give it a try.

It finished in ten minutes.

Of course, with my luck it'll be turned off again by the time I get in tomorrow, but maybe I finally got the thing working entirely :)

Well . . . until the next set of improvements . . . I think I can decrease disk bandwidth by another factor of eight. *grin*
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