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Summary of chatlog from #gamedev:

* Lamer joins the channel
Lamer> Hey, you know how you download illegal software all the time? Well, what if your illegal software deleted itself from your hard drive? Could you sue the company for it, 'cause it's your hard drive, and they shouldn't be allowed to delete it?

It is worth mentioning at this point that #gamedev is VERY ANTI-ILLEGAL SOFTWARE, and anyone that joins the channel automatically gets a private message explaining that any talk of illegal software will result in a ban.

Op1> Is this a true story?
Lamer> Yeah, it's happening to me right now!
Op1> Sigh. Op2, would you do the honors? I can't remember my password
Op2> Er, I can't remember how to get the bot to op me.
Op1> Hmm. Well, I think you get the bot to op you by doing (string of instructions)
Op2> No, that didn't work
Op1> How about (another string of instructions)

This continues for approximately fifteen minutes.

No, I'm not kidding.

* Bot sets mode: +o Op2
Op2> Yay!
* Lamer was kicked by Op2

. . . most pathetic banning EVER.
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