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okay, wtf? (warning: sex related. yeah, now you're all gonna click on it too. I know you people. where are my immortality rings? you'll read things about sex, but don't want me to live forever? psh.) (and now it turns out that it's a private post, so if you're not in the community, you have to join it to read it, and I'd repaste it except a lot of the WTF is all the comments on it, so if you wanna read it - and it's about sex - you should join the community.) (it's an open community. click here.) (where was I?) (oh yeah.) as I was saying, wtf? why are so many people *happy* about this? oh, bad things happen, so clearly the only solution is . . . REVENGE! Hey, nothing fixes past grievances like making new ones in the opposite direction!

Jack Chalker said that the people asking for equality don't really want equality - they just want inequality in the opposite direction. This kind of thing makes me think he's right.

satan's in the living room, choking me with apathy
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