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Day's events: Get up. Get on bus. Bus is electric, and draws power through overhead lines. Twenty blocks later it becomes apparent that Something Very Bad has happened to aforementioned overhead lines and caused them to be about six feet lower than usual, i.e. "about two feet above car height and dangling dramatically." Bus stops. Repair crew arrives . . . eventually.

Oh, did I mention I was going to look at a place to live, and had an appointment?

Finally get there only 15 minutes late (this is why I give myself 30 minutes leeway - since half the buses don't even see me, and the other half break down or explode on the way, I've found this is a good plan.) Wander around house trying to figure out if this house - which is apparently under very heavy construction - is actually the right one. Finally find a human being, who tells me that the landlord is on the third floor.

Talk to landlord. Room is mediocre. Not living there.

Go to work, and discover that there are no less than nine axes that my current project can be incorrectly reflected around (three different layers, each with the standard XYD axes for 2d reflections.) Many of them it is, in fact, reflected around - however, the three layers are all wrong in *different ways*.


Recieve email from aforementioned landlord saying "hey, where were you?" Blink in confusion and email him back saying "uh, I was there, and I got shown around". Double-check address (yes, the address he gave me is the one I went to, and there's a picture of the house attached, and it's the right place.)

Continue with headache and axis-flipping. Note that this project involves combining no less than three seperate codebases, written at approximately one-year intervals, by three seperate people, only one of which was designed to do anything even remotely like this.

I'm about five minutes from "kill all humans" here.
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