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this has shown up on my friends list three times in the last half-week. I'm kinda amused by it - of course, I took the test and marveled at its accuracy. Then got suspicious and started answering "wrong". Hey, whaddaya know! It's still accurate :P

I vaguely remember going through there and tallying up all the answers based on how much I agreed with them, and got about an 80% success ratio. And then of course the one or two that are wrong get passed off as "well, it's not *perfect*". Nice bit of social engineering.

Not *all* tests are this bad - some of them actually seem to be pretty good. This is just one of my personally most infamous examples of a test that really doesn't say anything :)

Bah. If I keep making cheerful entries, my ex is gonna think I've gotten over her completely and not bother reading the history at all :P

(note: dropping disk off tomorrow. Plan for tomorrow: downtown, Dick's (good burgers!), ex's, downtown, jewelry store, other jewelry store, home. With perhaps a stop at Twice Sold Tales to pet the cats. Used book stores with stray cats up for adoption . . . good thing.)
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