Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

one thousand people

I punch "random" a few times on LJ. I don't know what I'm looking for.

I do know that what I'm finding isn't it. First: someone whose entries are about 50/50 split between "oh my god i saw this cute boy at the mall and he was wearing clothes and ROFL LOLOLOLOL" and "I hate myself and want to die".


Second: "Went to the store and got some paint." "Watched it dry." "Got food at Denny's." "Felt urge to document every single event in my life, no matter how miniscule." "Inhaled."


Third: I don't know, but it wasn't English.


Fourth: Same as first, only without the "hate myself and want to die".


Fifth: A rant or two about drama and the comment that the journal is mostly friends-only. Hrm. Okay. Intruiged. I check out the "interests" and I'm more intruiged. This person sounds interesting! Log on to add them to my friends list (since they said they'd probably add people back, and they *sound* geeky enough that maybe my journal won't be too horrifically painful) and . . . they've got heronblue on their friends list.

There's only one thousand people in the world. All the rest are just NPCs.

(Incidentally, Sixth Seventh and Eighth have, so far, yielded someone who starts all their entries with "weeeeeee!", a detailed journal about someone's experiences with getting drunk and throwing up, and one of those people who wants to be Japanese but obviously isn't. "Baka", "Wai", and "Hentai" alone do not a culture make. Ninth isn't even readable - they apparently didn't bother to test their custom style on IE. I give up.)
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